Gallery: Teaching Physics to Your Pets

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is a book that explains quantum mechanics in terms that even a dog can understand-- in fact, the dog does some of the explaining.

Of course, the book isn't just for one dog, or even dogs per se. Anybody can learn from it. This page is for pictures of people's pets learning physics from How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, like Amy and friends, shown here:

It's fun for the whole family!


Truman makes a cameo in the book, but his little friend is unimpressed. And also a statue, but don't tell Truman that:

Piper was hoping for food, but the book is okay, I guess:

Maggie and Luna love story time, especially when it's about physics:

Learning physics puts a gleam in Bogey's eye. OK, it's a little more than a gleam:

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is excellent bedtime reading, as Honey demonstrates:

Brad DeLong is not optimistic about his dog's chances. Emmy says she isn't either, but you never can tell:

Pookie, a miniature shih-tzu:

Ginger, a Jack Russell in Kentucky:

Physics makes Bodie, my parents' dog, sleepy:

Ron Avitzur sends in two dogs, Jackson:

and Lyla:

Snoopy, the Guardian of all Space and Time that can be Seen from the Top of the Couch:

Gilgamesh, who has his own blog:

John Scalzi's dog, Kodi:

The official dog of the Cuttlefish Poet, with the galley proof he won in the poetry contest:

Of course, some dogs are hard core, like Sascha here, who decided to start at the very beginning, with Newtonian physics:

we hasten to add, though, that it's not actually necessary to know classical physics before reading How to Teach Physics to Your Dog


Even cats can learn about quantum mechanics (the better to protect themselves from Dr. Schrödinger's fiendish boxes) using How to Teach Physics to Your Dog:

Harley recognizes the importance of stretching before you attempt any strenuous physics activity:

Then there's Irish, who is hoping to find an entry for cats in the index:

(Sorry, Irish, there's no index...)

Then there's Lula, who is so startled to learn what quantum physics does with cats that she loses proper grammar:

Or look at Clyde, who not only read the book, but read it on a Kindle:

Tybalt is not exactly reading the book. He has a low opinion of dogs and Montagues, and lacking thumbs to bite, finds other ways to express it:

It's very important to give you cat the right quantum physics book, though. Otherwise, they risk ending up like Spike:

Other Animals

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but very few horses know anything about quantum physics. Among the exceptions are Moon and Fey:

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog even works for non-mammals, such as this curious little lizard:

He (she? it's so hard to tell...) is hoping to find something in the Uncertainty Principle that will help evade cats and dogs.

Or these fish:

Important note for fish: While quantum physics works even underwater, the book itself can be damaged by the water. Get a friendly human to hold it up outside the tank.

More pet pictures will be posted here as they become available. If you have a pet who enjoys physics, and would like a spot in the gallery, send an image file (preferably scaled to 500 pixels wide) to

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is published by Scribner can be ordered from, IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, and Powell's.

How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog is published by Basic Books and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's.

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