About the Dog: Emmy Orzel

Emmy Orzel is a German Shepherd mix, born in 2002, and adopted by Chad Orzel and Kate Nepveu in August of 2003. Her original owners named her "Princess," but Chad and Kate didn't think that seemed like the right sort of name for a 50-pound mixed-breed dog, and changed it to "Emmy." Emmy, however, took the name change as a promotion, and has regarded herself as the Queen of Niskayuna ever since.

Emmy's interests include long walks, bunnies, squirrels, quantum physics, squeaky toys, and belly rubs. She lives in Niskayuna, NY with Chad, Kate, and their daughter, where she works dilligently to protect the house from mail carriers, inferior dogs, and evil squirrels. She can sometimes be found on Facebook, because everybody's on Facebook these days, and she has a Twitter account as Queen_Emmy.

Emmy was adopted from the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society, where, like most shelters, you can find many wonderful pets in need of a good home. Or you can use Petfinder to locate a shelter in your area.

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